Przed Wschodem Słońca

Місце Stary Klasztor
Адреса ul. Purkyniego 1, Wrocław
Теги Регі, Фанк, Панк, Рок, Ska, Funk
Вхід 15 зл
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Energy and Positive Atmosphere fills every concert. Thanks to the individuality of the musicians, who together create an explosive mix, the PWS songs fall into the memory and hearts of the people. What PWS presents presents to a wide audience. The consistency of the musical and lyrical aspects shapes the uniqueness of PWS. An extremely clear combination of brass and rhythm sections creates a unique atmosphere of the band's creative work. Dance works bring audiences to the world of unforgettable and positive vibrations.



Przed wschodem słońca  Więc Chodź  0 5 5:05 14 ×
Przed wschodem słońca  Niebieski Płaszcz  0 5 4:39 6 ×
Przed wschodem słońca  Ballada Styranego Polaka  0 5 5:32 9 ×

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