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S Seafret

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Seafret Poznań, Tama Seafret
Seafret + support: teepee Praha 1, Lucerna Music Bar Seafret + support: teepee
Seafret + support: Teepee Brno, Fléda Seafret + support: Teepee
Seafret Praha 3, Storm Club Seafret
Seafret Warszawa, Proxima Seafret
Seafret Praha 10 – Vršovice, Café V lese Seafret


Seafret  Atlantis  Seafret - Atlantis 4:19 285 ×
Seafret  Oceans  Seafret - Oceans 3:35 140 ×
Seafret  Wildfire  Seafret - Wildfire 4:44 95 ×
Seafret  Be There  Seafret - Be There 3:46 68 ×
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Про Seafret

Seafret is a British music duo consisting of singer Jack Sedman and guitarist Harry Draper, from Bridlington, United Kingdom. Their album Tell Me It’s Real peaked at No. 59 on the UK Albums Chart.

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