Slowone – Місце проведення закрито

Адреса Lidická 702/23, Brno

Опис місця

Slowone Music Club is located near the Centre of Brno, located in the basement of the hotel Slovan Lidická Street. The Club has a unique cultural atmosphere that evokes not only the shape, which was designed by famous architect Bohuslav Fuchs, but also excellent acoustics and the overall character of the acts as a historical cultural place. And so – the Club was founded in 1928 and has been an integral part of the original Hotel Passage (today Slovan) on New Street (now St. Lidická Street). It was really inspirational place, evidenced by the fact that here the Hedgehog for beer was composed by Jaroslav Bugatti Step (more about the event here).

However, in addition to the famous and the tumultuous era of Jaroslav Ježek's jazz or Gustav Brom Orchestra, the Club went through a less artovní time-Retro Disco, with the atmosphere of the Czech normalization, that strange held not just for a short time. However, this is how we hope to forever end.

In 2014 the next era of this club was formed, in addition to the partial reconstruction of the saw, and the new name of "Slowone", and under new management began again concerts of jazz, classical, rock, progressive, and otherwise alternative music. The dancers came to the swing, rock ' n ' roll, tango, but also the audience artovního movie, or photo, and if someone was sad after more modern dance evenings, with the chance to visit Electroswing Fridays (Dj and live musicians), or "Oldies" in the form of great bands with a repertoire of world music "80 's 90 's &". – Translated by Automatic service

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