Tieranatomisches Theater

Tieranatomisches Theater

Адреса Philippstraße 13, Berlin
Телефон +49 30 209346625

Актуальні виставки галереї

Нам невідомо про якісь події в цьому місці.

Опис місця

The Tieranatomisches Museum is a research institution of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and an exhibition space and stage for experimental forms of presentation and a laboratory for curatorial practices.

The critical examination of the multifaceted role of collections, material things, and the institutions that preserve them is the focus here. The exchange of scientific and design disciplines as well as the exchange between actors from the arts and civil societies will be promoted here. In addition, the diversity of forms of knowledge is to be made visible and at the same time new formats and perspectives for exhibition making are to be developed.


Введіть назву найближчої зупинки або вулиці, звідки ви хотіли б поїхати, і знайдіть найкраще транспортне сполучення.


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