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Trio de Janeiro is not a trio as might seem by the name, but a sextet . A rhythmically rich mixture of jazz, funky and Latin uses both local ethnic motives and ethnic production from overseas (while even jazz as such could be considered to fall into this category with a little exaggeration). The fancy instrumental section can transform many improvisation lanes into a remarkably tempting melodic structure which holds several musical jokes for a thoughtful listener. The winner of the Česká spořitelna Colours talents competition the band achieved the victory mainly due to their immense energy springing from their music, which the have managed to melt into their debut album.

Trio de Janeiro is based in Litomyšl and they explain their interest in the so-called “hot” rhythms in a very down-to-earth way. „You know, chicks have always liked Latin music, even though this label is not quite exact as our audience would easily convict us in some songs of playing perhaps afro beat or even the simplest common beat (i.e. classic rock played with some degree of nostalgia).” A it is the combination and fusion of several styles that brings intensity and unexpected musical experiences to the music of TdJ. This, together with an explosive and extremely energetic singer Veronika Bartošová, gives the band the immense potential that they are now trying to show on the album called B(l)ack pass.

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