Wolskie Centrum Kultury Dom Społeczny

Wolskie Centrum Kultury Dom Społeczny

Адреса ul. Obozowa 85, Warszawa
Веб-сайт www.wck-wola.pl
Телефон +48 22 836 22 15
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Опис місця

Dom Kultury was established in 1937. During the occupation, it housed the charitable Central Welfare Council (Rada Główna Opiekuńcza), which took care of the inhabitants of Koło. Immediately after the war, the facility was renamed Osiedlowy Dom Kultury, and in 1967 its name was changed to Dzielnicowy Dom Kultury, which coordinated the work of other facilities. In 1984, the Centre was named after Stefan Żeromski, at which time a monument to the writer was erected in front of the building. Since 2015, all the cultural institutions in the district have been merged into the Wolskie Cultural Centre (Wolskie Centrum Kultury). Since the beginning of its activities, the CK has been actively creating cultural life in the Wola district. Cultural education at the WCK focuses on various forms of cultural dissemination. It is directed towards the protection and promotion of cultural heritage in terms of cultural, educational and historical activities. The mission of the Wolski Cultural Centre is to create a friendly space for interaction in the sphere of culture by building bonds within the local community. Developing talents and creating opportunities to spend free time in an interesting and creative way. Building an artistic image of the district and the city as a place open to modernity and tradition.


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