Zenek Kupatasa

Продаж закінчився
Адреса ul. Franklina Delano Roosevelta 17, Łódź
Двері 18:30
Теги Рок, Метал, Comedy Rock
Вхід 40 зл
Веб-сайт місця www.facebook.com…

Zenek Kupatasa acoustically and Ranko Ukulele together on tour. Dancing, chatting and cuddling guaranteed.

Zenek Kupatasa is a music lover of the Polish independent scene. Since 1997, he has been actively creating, writing songs and releasing records against all odds. At the age of 15, he founded the band Kabanos, which he led for 21 years. Currently, he creates under his own name. Letting go of the chains of conventions, laws and rules of the music market, he recorded seven albums in three years, including such rip-offs as the pink children's album based on a single drum motif entitled Na Jedno Kopyto. Na Jedno Kopyto. His latest, eighth album O! is the quintessence of his style - punk-metal, motivational anthems with a kind of Zenk philosophy. At concerts, you never know what will happen. His concerts are always open to the audience, where the boundary between the band and the audience is blurred. Ranko Ukulele is an artist from Poznań, who sings simple and usually cheerful songs of her own authorship to the accompaniment of ukulele. Lyrics based on loose associations and absurd humour have gained a lot of listeners, especially thanks to the popularity of the songs Kluska and Żaklin.


Рок, Метал, Comedy Rock


Zenek Kupatasa  Buziaczka, tulaska  Zenek Kupatasa – Buziaczka, tulaska 3:46 121 ×
Zenek Kupatasa  Zimne ognie  Zenek Kupatasa – Zimne ognie 4:08 64 ×
Zenek  Karwa piarbole  Zenek – Karwa piarbole 4:27 34 ×
Zenek Kupatasa  Kopciuszek  Zenek Kupatasa – Kopciuszek 5:15 19 ×
Zenek  Zdrowo jebnięty  Zenek – Zdrowo jebnięty 4:57 31 ×

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